Top 10 Instagram Spots in Bilbao (Part 2)

Have you got to visit all the beautiful spots from our previous post? Spring is here! So you will have the chance to enjoy beautiful weather changes and very different light around Bilbao. We now present you another five spectacular alternative to enjoy shooting within Bilbao surroundings.  

6 . The University of Deusto

Please, do not miss your experience with us! Deusto is a unique Campus!

As one of the oldest and most traditional Spanish universities, it offers all photographers incredible captures. La Comercial building, Pedro Arrupe wooden walkway, our arboretum and gardens, along with Deusto’s cloisters and antique chapels.

Thousands of possibilities to keep the best memories from your stay with us, and share them with the world.

7 . Bizkaia Bridge

At the end of Nervión estuary, the water encounters the sea in Abra bay, which connects both banks of the river.

In order to cross this strategic but narrow point, Bizkaia Bridge was built between Portugalete and Getxo in 1893. This irony suspension bridge was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO last 2006. Its color and views make this spot one of the favorite locations for both local and visiting photographers.  

9 . San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

A little islet crowned by a tiny chapel with one of the best views along the Basque Coast. This very special spot, difficult to reach due to its hundreds of stone steps, has now become really popular thanks to Game of Thrones. It was one of the latest filming locations and thus it now receives thousands of visitors every year.

Bear in mind to book your entrance in advance and try to capture the sunset there. We promise your pics will make you remember that moment forever.

9 . Iberdrola Tower

Just next to our Campus, this futuristic building rises to Bilbao sky. It completely  changed the city landscape and now represents the modernization of the city.

Either among the fog or during a sunny day, the building’s facade, merely made of glass, offers the photographer limitless shots of one of the city’s icons.

10 . Zorrozaurre island

If you are looking for a different view of our city, please go for a walk throughout Zorrozaurre and Olabeaga districts.

Zorrozaurre is an artificial island formed around the late 60’s when building Deusto Canal. Until the basque industrial crisis during the 80’s, the island housed many industries and tiny little homes for their workers.

The area is now crumbling, but some cultural organizations and locals are trying to maintain the life of the island before it is completely re-designed and transformed into a modern residential and business neighborhood. So don’t be late to visit and shoot this special area!

We hope you enjoy every perspective of your stay 😉 And do not forget to tag your pics with the following hasthags: #verybilbao, #igersbizkaia, #igersbilbao, #basquecountry…