Struggling with Spanish? You’re not alone!

Coming to Bilbao in September 2018 on my Erasmus was the greatest decsion I could make.

I spoke only Polish and English and the very first day I met my landlady (who was obviously Spanish) all I was able to say in Spanish was: ¡Hola!

I took advantage of the Intensive Spanish Course that the University of Deusto in Bilbao offered me and all Erasmus Students. Day by day I was gaining knowledge on how to introduce myself, what I am doing in Bilbao, make a short conversation and respond to basics questions. Afterwards, I attended the Regular Spanish Course. That was also fun!

I just loved the way our lecturer was teaching us. She was deeply involved in classes. What’s wonderful is that I was becoming more confident when it came to speaking with locals, in shops and bars. Honestly, the more I spoke in Spanish and the more I understood it the more familiar Spanish culture was for me. I was feeling like at home because I could understand what people around me were talking about, what signs mean, etc.

There is no better way to get to know the Spanish people and country than showing our effort and willingness by learning its language. When I was about to leave Bilbao my Spanish level was A2.1. I was able to order and return stuff I purchased online or in store. I also said a few kind words to my teachers and landlady in Spanish.

This adventure didn’t end. It still goes on. Now in Cracow (Poland), I attend Spanish classes in Instituto Cervantes. The classes are running by Jose from South Spain.

Guys, don’t be afraid, everyone starts something from scratches and in my case it was Spanish.