Conociendo a lxs #shakers #shakeaway2022 – #3. Imanol Osa

¡Turno de Imanol Osa , iNNoVaNDeR 6G! ¿Cuál ha sido su papel como #shakers2022? Sube el volumen para saberlo 🔊

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2 Respuestas

  1. granny dice:

    Great video for people to know.

  2. heardle dice:

    Heardle is a website that lets you play a musical guessing game. It is based on Wordle, the viral word-guessing game, but with songs instead of words. You have to listen to a short snippet of a song and try to guess its title and artist. You only get one second of the song at first, but you get more seconds with each guess. You have six tries to get it right, and the faster you guess, the better your score.

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