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iNNoVaNDis & Co es el nuevo lugar de encuentro para compartir y conversar sobre la innovación y el emprendimiento, dos temas que nos apasionan y nos mueven.

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  1. run 3 dice:

    Gracias a la la Universidad de Deusto y sus profesores por el acompañamiento y acogida a Angie.

  2. I am overjoyed to be able to participate in this activity. I was able to gain a great deal of knowledge from the most influential members of the community as well as from those who possessed the most brilliant minds, and there were also endless opportunities for networking, code sprints, and casual chat.

  3. fall guys 3 dice:

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  4. Hanerry dice:

    There were countless possibilities for networking, coding sprints, and informal conversation. I was able to learn a great lot from the most powerful people in the community as well as from those who had the brightest brains.

  5. Barbara dice:

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