¿Qué fue de… Marta Calderón, 5G?

Actualmente trabaja como Gerente TIC & Business Partner en SACYR SERVICIOS. Marta Calderón nos habla de sus objetivos y de cómo valora su paso por iNNoVaNDiS hace ya algunos añitos…
¡Gracias Marta y mucha suerte con todos tus proyectos!

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  1. Marta dice:

    ¡Gracias Marta y mucha suerte con todos tus proyectos!

  2. krnl dice:

    In addition to providing you with free anime books, Aniyomi lets you read without ads.

  3. balenaetcher dice:

    An alternative app store is Aurora Store. This is the same app; you don’t need a Google Play account to download the APK offer from Google Play. https://aurorastore.org/

  4. pgsharp dice:

    A free Android app called PGSharp lets you change where your Pokémon GO GPS is. This software lets you control how your Avatar moves without actually moving https://pgsharp.org/

  5. burnard dice:

    VN is an easy-to-use and free video editing app with no watermark. The intuitive interface makes video editing simple, requiring no prior knowledge. https://vnvideoeditorpc.com/

  6. Andrew dice:

    Evon Executor is an entirely new Level 8 exploit with a variety of execution APIs including its own custom Evon DLL, KRNL, and Fluxus. Lastly, Evon features an extremely clean and slick user interface that is easy to use and browse through. https://evonexecutor.com/

  7. Ordnance Carton is a product utility intended to give concentrated control of upheld ROG gaming items. From a solitary point of interaction, Ordnance Container put order of all your Quality stuff readily available with the new Air Maker suite prepared.

  8. Jhonson dice:

    However, as previously mentioned, the term «executor» in the Roblox context usually refers to a program or tool that allows the user to run scripts or inject code into Roblox games. Using such tools often violates the Roblox Terms of Service and can lead to account bans.


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