The Double Trident

Edificio Antiguo del Campus de Bilbao

The University of Deusto鈥檚 main building is organised according to a symmetrical floor plan. A short axis perpendicular to that of the path ascending from the portico to the chapel through the lobby and main staircases is the feature which serves to determine the overall arrangement. On either side, two patios (cloisters) relieve the overall gravity of the building and allow for the smaller built spaces, lecture halls or others, to be placed on the perimeter. The entire plan is extremely logical, and shows evidence of careful planning. The building is the result of a well reasoned layout, which is in keeping with its eclectic nature: order versus creative genius. Although the building has been formed from the organic accumulation of square and rectangular spaces, some of which touch on others, it is not a regular polygon. Its abstract image is that of a porous-based double trident, which is much more pronounced on the northern side.